Welcome to the
To Be CONtinued
not quite live web site.


On this site there will be not-quite-live coverage of the CON in process. We will be constantly updating the site as the con progresses. We'll be posting photos of events, reviews of happenings, schedules, and anything else we can come up with. The images run around 25-50k, so they aren't too big, not too small. They are in reverse order of when they were added, so the new stuff is on top.

The SCA did a demo in the afternoon. Here's what went on...

A bunch of pictures with no particular category

A Tour of the Dealer Room Caution, this page may take a while to download.

Friday Night at the Con Suite. See it here not-quite-live!

We've got a few pictures of early events. Not too exciting, but it's still early.

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